BashScript for User Management in Linux

Develop Linux Shell program to fully create/delete/check system users using Bash Script

Automated E2E Test for a Commercial Angular Webapp

Developing automated End-to-End (E2E) test for a commercial angular web app, using protractorJS framework along with Jasmine testing framework in JavaScript language

Artificial Intelligence Sudoku Solver

Design and implement simple search, Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing to solve Sudoku table using C#.

Boolean Model of Information Retrieval

Design and implement Boolean Information Retrieval Model on corpus text documents for boolean and positional search queries using python

Machine Learing SMS text classifier

Implement supervised text classifier to detect mobile spam text messages, deploy Decision Tree and KNN models, Naive Bayes using N-Grams feature generator, TF-IDF as feature weighting method and F1-Score for accuracy evaluation with python and scikit-learn

Vector Space Information Retrieval Model

Implement a query search system based on Vector Space Model, using TF-IDF weighting and Cosine Similarity concepts for ranking the related documents